About Us

Broadcasting live from 2007, RETV is the first Jamaican 24 hour music video station featuring the best in Jamaican music videos, lifestyle and entertainment, building a rich and colourful history covering the premier entertainment events in Jamaica and in the Caribbean. With a steadily growing viewership in and outside the Caribbean region, RETV has been able to play an important role in cultural distribution and can easily count itself amongst leaders in the field in Jamaican entertainment.

While other Jamaican music video channels carry mainly local music videos as the core of their programming, RETV’s programming goes far beyond traditional programming and includes content that enhances the total Jamaican lifestyle experience through the theme of the station. Dynamic, informative, inspirational and interactive, RETV’s primary focus is on the "REAL", REAL Jamaican culture, REAL Jamaican food, REAL Jamaican fashion and, of course, REAL Jamaican entertainment. With a 360 approach to ‘Brand Jamaica’ and getting to the heart of the culture and defining the essence that has made this tiny island a dominant force in the world.

In keeping with the station’s new and exciting feel with a more modern twist, the music video blocks are now in discernible blocks based on genres with hip and trendy names to appeal to our target audience. The various genres of videos include a kaleidoscope of beats and rhythms from to Lovers Rock 4 U to Real Vybz, from to International Flava to D Real Dancehall. Whether their passion lies in the soothing mellow melodies of Reggae or the provocative sounds of Dancehall, viewers are sure to find their place in the colours and sounds on the station’s programming.

Designed to make a more exciting viewing experience new content has been added to the programming schedule to meet the demands of the young and dynamic audience by not only rotating music videos on a 24hr basis.

RETV now not only has as its foundation the latest and best of music videos but also top tier entertainment in its "Real Prime" programming slot. Designed for the savvy individual on the go and the entertainment conscious viewer this regular feature showcases innovative programming highlighting Jamaican music and culture. So every Thursday and Friday between 8-9 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays between 6-7 pm tune in for the best in “Real Prime” Jamaican programming incorporating a melting pot of enigmatic Jamaican culture.

RETV, Real Jamaican Television, delivers first class Real Jamaican content and in our "Real Prime" segment and includes some of our new and exciting programming including premiere shows such as:

876REAL with the always entertaining Jazz and Duffy. InTech with tech guru Carlette DeLeon, Real Xtreme Sports just to name a few.

We will also be bringing back classics such as the motivational and edutaining RE High School Tour sending a positive message to high schoolers with performances from the best entertainers and Top Dozen where our fans can meet and get to know more about Jamaica’s popular entertainers. The next chapter for RETV will embrace our millions of viewers and followers online through social media as the station continues to be interactive immersing our fans in what is hot and new in entertainment and culture.

RETV through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others will move towards a new reflective platform which will give our viewers access to exclusive promotions, news and scoops therefore deepening brand loyalty. RETV will continue to use the immediate feedback from our diverse viewers and advertisers to present a package that enhances the channel and Brand Jamaica.

RETV is a member of The RJR Communications Group.

Join the Real revolution. RETV real fashion, real food, real fun... Real Jamaican TV!